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The Franchise Registered Agent


You can’t know everything that is going on.  As a Franchisor, you can dictate how the franchisee should run their business, but unless you are physically there it takes considerable time, money and effort to oversee what’s going on.  What is important for your brand is that both you and your franchisees are protected. One [...]

The Franchise Registered Agent2019-12-18T02:23:20+00:00

The Key to a Strong LLC Operating Agreement for Real Estate Investors


Owning real estate in the name of an LLC operating agreement for real estate investors is often a savvy, legally-sound method to help insure against liability and asset vulnerability. In other words, when a piece of real property is owned by an LLC – as opposed to an individual person – only the LLC is [...]

The Key to a Strong LLC Operating Agreement for Real Estate Investors2019-10-25T19:25:34+00:00

How to Set Up a Real Estate LLC


If you are a Kansas or Missouri-based entrepreneur in the real estate industry, learning how to properly set up a real estate LLC may seem daunting at first. Fortunately, the legal talent at Lex Launch is familiar with the laws and procedures in place for this process – and we look forward to working with [...]

How to Set Up a Real Estate LLC2019-10-25T19:13:22+00:00

How to Form an LLC in Kansas


Congratulations – you’ve decided to formally incorporate your business into an LLC in Kansas. The question is: how do you form an LLC in Kansas? At Lex Launch, we work to help each client achieve legal security in the most painless and cost-effective way possible. If you’re ready to learn how to form an LLC [...]

How to Form an LLC in Kansas2019-09-04T17:19:28+00:00

Creating Your Kansas LLC: What You Need to Know


Do you have a killer product you’re ready to start selling nationwide? Are you finally ready to take the plunge and purchase that building to open your very own restaurant?  Setting up an LLC in Kansas may be your first step. Whatever your market may be, it’s important to briefly hit pause while you consider [...]

Creating Your Kansas LLC: What You Need to Know2019-08-19T16:48:43+00:00

How Much is an LLC to Establish?


Financial considerations are usually top of mind when making the leap into owning your own business and most entrepreneurs know that the first essential step is setting up an LLC.  An LLC limits your personal liability because an LLC is legally separate from its owners. LLCs are responsible for their own debts and obligations, and although you can lose [...]

How Much is an LLC to Establish?2019-07-09T17:09:38+00:00

Series LLC Real Estate Basics


Whether you’re a current or future real estate investor, you’re likely interested in understanding the best way to organize and protect your properties.  Look no further than the Series LLC for your real estate assets. Many turn to traditional LLCs to manage real estate investments and haven’t heard of the Series version, but a Series [...]

Series LLC Real Estate Basics2019-04-17T21:29:01+00:00

What Exactly is a Series LLC in Missouri & How to Get Started


You may be wondering, “what is a series LLC in Missouri?”  The Missouri series LLC, enacted in 2013, is a relatively new concept.  This structure provides individuals flexibility and asset protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional asset protection strategies. In Missouri, a Series LLC consists of a limited liability company, known as [...]

What Exactly is a Series LLC in Missouri & How to Get Started2019-04-12T20:34:31+00:00

You’ve Heard About the Series LLC in Missouri. Here’s Why You May Want One.


There has been a lot of hype surrounding the new Series LLC laws in Missouri, but what is it and is it right for your business?  In basic terms, a Series LLC creates an umbrella that shelters any number of independently operating LLCs (the “Series”) under one “Parent” LLC.  However, this is a relatively new [...]

You’ve Heard About the Series LLC in Missouri. Here’s Why You May Want One.2019-02-25T16:45:22+00:00

Taxation Options for LLC’s: What’s the Best Choice?


LLCs are great because they are flexible when it comes to determining how you want to be taxed. You have the taxation options of taxing your LLC like a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation by filing the appropriate forms with the IRS. Let’s take a look a few of the taxation options available [...]

Taxation Options for LLC’s: What’s the Best Choice?2019-01-15T06:22:10+00:00
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