Congratulations – you’ve decided to formally incorporate your business into an LLC in Kansas. The question is: how do you form an LLC in Kansas?

At Lex Launch, we work to help each client achieve legal security in the most painless and cost-effective way possible. If you’re ready to learn how to form an LLC in Kansas, there are a couple of documents to gather, forms to fill out, and government offices to contact – and we’re here all along the way.

Designing the LLC Structure

The immediate first steps in forming an LLC in Kansas involve you – the business owner – making a few critical decisions. First, you’ll need to decide on the official legal name of your LLC. It can be as simple as carrying on with the name you’ve used all along; or, alternatively, choosing something more obscure and not as obviously associated with your name and/or product.

Then, it’s time to draft a vital document known as the Articles of Organization. The document essentially governs the legal structure of the LLC. At a basic level, the Articles of Organization for a Kansas LLC must address the following points:

  • The formal LLC name
  • The address of the registered agent (located in Kansas) available to accept service of process upon the LLC in the event of a legal proceeding.
  • Whether the LLC will operate as a Professional Association or Professional Corporation

Once the Articles of Organization are drafted, the next important step is creating an operating agreement, which is an important governing and milestone in the LLC creation process.

Prepare an Operating Agreement

Technically speaking, Kansas law does not mandate the preparation of an LLC operating agreement, however, at Lex Launch we will work to ensure a fully enforceable operating agreement is in place at the outset of the LLC formation. The document identifies the leadership roles of the members and directors, as well as states the LLC’s purpose and governing procedures.

Further, a well-drafted operating agreement addresses voting protocol, decision-making procedures, and what will happen in the event one or more members do not agree with a certain action or wish to relinquish their membership. Lastly, a thorough operating agreement will dictate the pathway to dissolving the entity in the event the stated purpose is no longer practicable or other factors require ending the business.

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