6 Things You Must Do Every Year To Keep Your LLC Compliant


A lot goes into running a successful business. Of course, the recipe is different depending on your industry, market, and offering. However, one thing all successful LLCs have in common is they remain in compliance – year-in and year-out. 6 Requirements for Keeping Your LLC in Compliance Fortunately, staying compliant with government regulations doesn’t need [...]

6 Things You Must Do Every Year To Keep Your LLC Compliant2018-10-17T17:39:29+00:00

Can I Afford an Attorney for My Startup?


When you’re starting a new business there are many things to consider.  One key decision is if and when to hire an attorney for your startup.  It’s understandable, as an entrepreneur, you want to keep extra costs to a minimum.  Which is why many unfortunately put off the decision until they’re faced with a potentially [...]

Can I Afford an Attorney for My Startup?2018-09-18T18:02:13+00:00

Winding Down an LLC


Have you decided it’s time to wind down your LLC?  It’s a big decision to make.  However, if you’re sure it’s the right one, then the next step is understanding what this process requires. 3 Steps You Must Take When Winding Down Your LLC Despite what many people think, it’s not as easy as just [...]

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Misconceptions About What an LLC Protects You Against


Are you hoping to start a Kansas LLC or Missouri LLC?  Is one of the driving reasons the many protections it will provide you with?  It’s a great reason, but it’s also one that far too many business owners don’t understand. 3 Misconceptions About the Protection Offered by LLCs Before you start a Missouri LLC [...]

Misconceptions About What an LLC Protects You Against2018-06-15T19:59:09+00:00

3 Reasons Real Estate Investors Need a Series LLC


Series limited liability companies have become popular in recent years, and are now used in a variety of businesses to separate assets and reduce risk. A Series LLC is a form of LLC that has a master component and separate units (or series). These units allow for differentiation of members, managers or assets within [...]

3 Reasons Real Estate Investors Need a Series LLC2017-04-13T15:58:23+00:00

Sell on Etsy? You Need An LLC!


If you’re like most Etsy sellers, you started with a dream and a craft, and hoped to one day supplement your income with your passion. Setting up a formal business structure was not on your to-do list during those formative days of getting your products to your first customers. However, if your business success [...]

Sell on Etsy? You Need An LLC!2017-03-30T18:00:09+00:00
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