Online sites quote all kinds of prices for an “LLC.”  In Missouri and Kansas, you can form a Limited Liability with the Secretary of State. That will get you “Articles of Organization,” a kind of “birth certificate” for the new LLC. Especially in Missouri, the forms look simple, but the options you check could affect your legal protections in the future! Some websites offer a low-cost “LLC,” but sometimes that only includes filing your Articles with the Secretary of State.

But there’s more to an LLC than “Articles.” You’ll also want an operating agreement. At LexLaunch.Com, we have created a system to allow a single business owner (or husband and wife) to work with a local attorney, and set up their LLC for as low as $299 plus the state filing fee. Each of our plans provides you with everything you need to set up your LLC. This will include properly forming you with the State, your operating agreement, initial meeting minutes, a bank authorization, and your federal tax i.d. number (a/k/a EIN). In addition, we want to advice you on how to maximize the “Limited Liability” than an LLC affords you, and have crafted a few different plans to fit your situation.

Our Basic Plan includes a 15-minute consult with a local attorney familiar with your state laws, and is a good fit for business owners who have a better understanding of their legal risks.

Our Standard Plan is a good fit if you are new to running a business, or to running that type of business. This plan includes a 45-minute consultation with 2 attorneys, one with a focus on litigation matters (i.e. law suits), and another with a focus on transactional matters (i.e. contracts, succession planning, etc.).