Should You Form an LLC for Multiple Companies?


If you’re an entrepreneur currently running multiple businesses or just thinking about starting a second one, you may be wondering the best way to legally structure them.  Should you have separate LLCs for each one or a big umbrella company to hold them all? Are there any limits to the number of companies one person [...]

Should You Form an LLC for Multiple Companies?2018-11-30T16:33:29+00:00

Winding Down an LLC


Have you decided it’s time to wind down your LLC?  It’s a big decision to make.  However, if you’re sure it’s the right one, then the next step is understanding what this process requires. 3 Steps You Must Take When Winding Down Your LLC Despite what many people think, it’s not as easy as just [...]

Winding Down an LLC2018-07-21T15:57:08+00:00

Misconceptions About What an LLC Protects You Against


Are you hoping to start a Kansas LLC or Missouri LLC?  Is one of the driving reasons the many protections it will provide you with?  It’s a great reason, but it’s also one that far too many business owners don’t understand. 3 Misconceptions About the Protection Offered by LLCs Before you start a Missouri LLC [...]

Misconceptions About What an LLC Protects You Against2018-06-15T19:59:09+00:00

Should an Accountant Set Up Your LLC?


When you’re just getting started setting up a new business, it is very important to hire the right professionals to help you navigate each step. Two of the most important professionals to consider are an attorney and an accountant. They will both be able to provide valuable advice to reduce risk and maintain in good [...]

Should an Accountant Set Up Your LLC?2018-03-30T14:54:38+00:00
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