Legal Advice for New Business Owners: Luxury or Necessity?


Every business should consider consulting with at least two types of professionals in the early stages: accountants and lawyers. Most small business owners visit an accountant to set up the financial foundation of their new venture, but some struggle with the need to visit an attorney for business setup structure and solid risk reduction [...]

Legal Advice for New Business Owners: Luxury or Necessity?2017-07-14T17:53:02+00:00

What is Required to Keep Your LLC Protection Each Year?


If your business is set up as an LLC, there are certain steps you must take each year to ensure that your business is protected from risk. LexLaunch.Com's Tim Denker explains these steps to small business owner Kevin Oldham in Part 2 of our vlog series.  Ready to create your own LLC, at a [...]

What is Required to Keep Your LLC Protection Each Year?2017-07-05T18:36:28+00:00

How to Create a Support System for Your New Business


Launching your own business can be tough. When you’re the person responsible for every detail, working all hours of the day and night, it’s easy to feel isolated. However, building a strong support network is an important step in getting your new business off the ground and securing a firm foundation for the future. [...]

How to Create a Support System for Your New Business2017-06-30T18:38:16+00:00

Managing Your Time


When you are just starting your new business, it can seem like there’s not time to do everything—because there truly isn’t. Time is one of the most precious resources you have, and if invested in the right activities, it can pay off in spades. However, if not managed carefully, time can easily pass before [...]

Managing Your Time2017-06-14T18:34:32+00:00

Hiring Help: Employees or Contractors?


Hiring help is just one of the many parts of starting a small business.  Whether you are setting up your business structure or hiring help, these decisions can have long-term consequences for the legal protection of your business. The attorneys at have put together a 5-part series to guide you through some of [...]

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4 Reasons Why an LLC is the Best Choice for Your Startup


Confused about how to set up your startup?  We’ll make it easy for you:  LLC. There’s no reason to complicate the process when there’s one clear path. Need convincing? Here are 5 reasons that an LLC is the best option for your start-up: Pay Less Taxes. Want to keep more of your earnings? An [...]

4 Reasons Why an LLC is the Best Choice for Your Startup2017-05-12T20:00:03+00:00

4 Steps to Setting Up Your Small Business


There are many different legal issues to consider when starting a small business. From naming your business to determining the operating processes, each step can have legal implications.  It’s important to consult with a legal professional during those critical first days. Are you thinking of starting a new business? Here are 4 important first [...]

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3 Reasons Real Estate Investors Need a Series LLC


Series limited liability companies have become popular in recent years, and are now used in a variety of businesses to separate assets and reduce risk. A Series LLC is a form of LLC that has a master component and separate units (or series). These units allow for differentiation of members, managers or assets within [...]

3 Reasons Real Estate Investors Need a Series LLC2017-04-13T15:58:23+00:00

Sell on Etsy? You Need An LLC!


If you’re like most Etsy sellers, you started with a dream and a craft, and hoped to one day supplement your income with your passion. Setting up a formal business structure was not on your to-do list during those formative days of getting your products to your first customers. However, if your business success [...]

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